Your Menopause Your Way!

Barbie Taylor, M.D. your Menopause Taylor) has developed a full array of menopause services to help you with every aspect of menopause. From weekly videos to one on one consultation, Barbie is here to help you tailor all the options to your unique needs and preferences for the rest of your life.

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Meet Barbara Taylor, M.D.

Hello Ladies, Barbie here! I am here to provide you with the tools that will take this menopause revolution to the next level.

Visit “Menopause Barbie’s” Menopause Taylor YouTube Channel

Join me every week as we tackle each subject of menopause in an approachable, yet informative way. You’ll be impressed with how easy it is to tailor all the information to your unique circumstance.

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Schedule A Private Consultation

I’ll be delighted to sit down with you for a private session and help you fine-tune everything you’ve learned to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

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Menopause Taylor’s Book

An ideal guidebook consisting of regimens that will empower you to mange your menopause your way. With all the information and options right at your fingertips, you’ve got what it takes to know yourself better than anyone else does.

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Register for Menopause Taylor’s Live 12-Hour Menopause Seminar

This is a seminar for every woman! Together we will educate and celebrate the beauty of femininity. I host my seminar at the awe-inspiring Dukessa where you’ll feel like a goddess as you embrace menopause as a true gift. It’s fun, informative, and so impactful that you’ll never forget it.


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